What is EduFest 2022?

EduFest 2022 is a 3-day virtual event presented to you by Sampoerna Academy. This special event features an education fair and school info sessions which are dedicated to parents and kids who are looking for the right education providers to be better prepared for the future. But we don’t stop there. EduFest 2022 is also packed with curated webinars featuring experts and experienced speakers as well as various fun yet insightful workshops.

The world is becoming a global village, and you need the right perspectives, insights, and tools to be a part of it. EduFest 2022 is your and your kids’ gate to a brighter future.

What’s On EduFest 2022?

Get insights from our expert collaborators and discover different approaches to quality parenting and education.





When and where will EduFest 2022 be held ?
EduFest 2022 will be held virtually on February 11 – 13, 2022

How do I check EduFest 2022 schedule ?
The full schedule will be announced a few days before the event starts. You will be able to see it on our website sampoernaacademy.sch.id/EduFest2022 and our Instagram account @sampoerna.academy. Stay tuned !

What will I find at the webinar sessions at EduFest??
The webinar sessions at EduFest feature experts and thought leaders in the fields of parenting as well as children’s health and well-being. They will share their experience and point of view on the topics we have curated, so you can gain new knowledge and perspectives.

What will I find at Education Fair at Edufest?
The edufair at Edufest features various schools and other educational institutions as our collaborators which will offer you and your kids a wide selection of education opportunities to choose from.

What will I find at the Workshop at EduFest?
Our virtual workshop sessions include a series of carefully curated workshops and learn-to-play activities designed for both parents and children.


Do I have to register to be able to attend EduFest 2022 ?
Yes. Registration is mandatory. You can attend the event only if you have registered.

How do I register ?
Easy peasy. To register yourself, visit sampoernaacademy.sch.id/EduFest2022. Click the Register button at the top of the landing page.

How do I attend EduFest 2021?
Because the event is virtual, you will need a link to live stream the event on Zoom platform. Link will be sent to your email upon registration.

Can I live stream the event on another platform ?
EduFest 2021 can only be streamed on Zoom and Edufest Website (sampoernaacademy.sch.id/EduFest2022) platform.

Can I access all the event sessions if I have registered myself ?
Of course ! Register yourself and get full access to EduFest 2021. All-or-nothing; that’s how we roll.

Which one should I use to live stream EduFest 2022: a PC or a smartphone ?
You can conveniently live stream EduFest 2021 on any of the two devices. Choose one, make sure you have an internet connection and the link to the event, and you’re all set.

If I leave the event, can I rejoin?
Sure! Don’t worry about taking your time to do other things. Just make sure you don’t miss your selected sessions.

My link to EduFest 2022 doesn’t seem to be working. What should I do ?
There’s one method that always works. First, make sure you’re using the latest version of your browser. If it’s outdated, update it. After that, try opening the link again.

If I still have issues with accessing the event, how can I ask for help?
If you need any help, you can contact our virtual assistant. We’ll do our best to ensure you have the best experience with us.

What if i need more assistance?
If you need more assistance, please contact Syahi 081807265725 (Whatsapp)




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