Improving Teacher Quality to Prepare for the 22nd Century

Indonesia Needs to Prepare for the 22nd Century by Improving Teacher Quality. Sampoerna Schools System offers “Student Centered” educational framework that develops critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills.

The new generation students obtain diverse interests by utilizing varied facilities in learning new things. They are also very advanced in utilizing digital technology, in fact born with the Internet at their fingertips. This situation provide distinctive approach-for education providers-when delivering the learning process to this ‘new’ generation.

In commemorating the National Teachers Day which falls on November 25th, Sampoerna Schools System held a discussion session to invite media partners to share opinions on the role of quality teachers who are able to lead Indonesia students in facing future challenges. Attending the discussion were Nisa Felicia, Ph.D as the representative of Sampoerna Schools System, Mustafa Guvercin, Director of Sampoerna Academy and Jefri Saputra, Sampoerna Academy teacher who shared their experiences and opinions.

Teacher quality is the most influential factor in student achievement, for the reason that students require a role that can guide and motivate their learning. However, according to a study by The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), from the 47 percent of young people who want to be professionals, only 11 percent want to be teachers because professional educators are considered having low income, no promising career ladder, and unsteady management performance.

Nisa Felicia, Ph.D, Representative of Sampoerna Schools System, explains, “Entering the 22nd century requires assigning the right talent to become a teacher and develop their potential to be an effective teacher. The potential development of teachers can be achieved by increasing field training, using technology in teaching and learning, adapting the international curriculum, and building a collaboration between students and teachers.”

In this discussion, Mustafa Guvercin, Director of Sampoerna Academy also explained, “Sampoerna Schools System keeps trying to attract qualified graduates to become teachers by providing training and development, as well as incentives and promising career advancement. At Sampoerna Schools System, we recruit and train qualified teachers to be able to implement the 21st Century Learning Framework that develops critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills. “

In line with this, Jefri Saputra, Sampoerna Academy lecturer also shared his experience during his teaching at Sampoerna Academy, which was proven to be able to lead his students to win several international awards, such as International Exhibition for Young Inventors in China and Japan.

“Before deciding to become a teacher, I aspire to be a scientist. However, I prefer to shape a scientist. For me to be a teacher is just like an artist, the success of the students is a masterpiece for me, “said Jefri Saputra.

Mustafa added that the role of teachers in Sampoerna Schools System is very important in implementing 21st Century Learning Framework, allowing students to build characters, soft skills, and help them face future challenges.

“Governments in cooperation with private institutions and the media need to improve the image of teachers and elevate their profession as a promising career in the future. There will be no new teacher generation to lead 21st century learning if the image of teachers is not improved,” ended Mustafa.

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