Involvement and Participation of SA –Medan ELC Mentors in ANPS Early Childhood Conference 2018

It was marked 28th April when the ANPS conference themed “Health, Safety, and Well-Being in Early Childhood Education was organized and took place in ACS, Jakarta.

Basically the main objective of this annual conference is to provide practical, hands-on and immediate strategies that teachers can immediately use across all grade levels and subjects.

Since we are a member school and we aim to further our teaching methods and strategies we sent two of our teachers named Ms Marie Rachelle, a PG2 mentor and Ms. Divina O. Pandy, a K2 mentor.

It was with great pride that the latter mentor was chosen to be a presenter of her own choice topic titled “The Five Core Emotional Needs of Children”.

Generally, both teachers brought the knowledge on these matters “Fun with Hydrophonics and Grit: Why and How to Start it Early which will be eventually shared/echoed with their peers during our Professional Development Program.

This said PD program is designed and implemented couple of times in a school year with the ultimate objective of updating and enhancing the teaching skills of our teachers.


Short information about ANPS Organization

The ANPS – Betaraf Internasional (ANPS – BI) is a non-profit organization of the whole Indonesian schools that was founded with the aims of promoting and developing education in Indonesia; providing professional development opportunities for teachers and staff and providing a forum in which practitioners and leaders could discuss common educational issues.


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