Mr. Devendar Singh Rawat Educational Background and Experience

  • Master of Commerce in Accounting and Financial Management, M.S. University Vadodara, Gujarat, India
  • Bachelor of Education, Jammu University, India
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Management, Accounting and Business organisation, Jammu University, India
  • Certificate course in School Leadership and Management, NCSL, New Delhi, India
  • Certificate course in Social Emotional Learning, UNESCO, MGIEP, New Delhi, India
  • Certificate course in Educational Psychology, Udemy
  • Certificate course in Safeguarding and Child protection, National online safety


Devendar has over 21 years of experience in the educational field. In that time, He has worked with reputable National and international schools in different countries India, Bali Indonesia, Tanzania, Jakarta Indonesia. He has over 15 years of IB and CAIE curriculum and administration experience. In his previous schools he worked with students in various capacities: such as Mathematics, Business and TOK teacher, Executive coordinator academics, President examination and evaluation board, IBDP coordinator, CAIE exam officer, Deputy head of school, and Vice principal. Other than school, Off campus, he has been appointed as a DP Examiner cum Moderator since 2011 and Assessment specialist CAIE since 2015. In addition to this role, he also acts as a DP Programme Leader (member of IBEN), who guides and evaluate the IBDP programme of assigned schools rounding out his extensive knowledge of both CAIE and IB DP.


He deems education is a process, which molds minds. It is a lifelong process; we learn from every step we take in our life. Every success or failure teaches us something new. Education is everyone’s right, everyone should be given a platform despite challenges they are facing.

academically, physically, or mentally. Every child is born with individual ability, so our education system should work towards polishing it, instead of burdening it. In short, he believes that education is a medium to explore oneself and serve humanity.

“The More I learn, the more I discover how much more there is for me to learn.”