Mrs Maria Nenita Silang Se Educational Background and Experiences

• Bachelor of Science in Mathematics for Teachers (graduated with high honors -Cum Laude), Philippine Normal University, Philippines
• Landed top 6 in Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET) in the Philippines nationwide
• Post Graduate Diploma in Education, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Ms Maria is an experienced educator with over 15 years of teaching mathematics and serving as Head of Department and Curriculum Head. Throughout her career, she gained invaluable experience in teaching different international curricula such as US Common Core, Singapore Mathematics, Cambridge and International Baccalaureate. Having taught in international schools in the Philippines, Qatar and Indonesia, she possesses a deep understanding of multicultural classrooms and ability to create an inclusive learning environment for students with diverse cultural backgrounds and abilities. With her passion for quality mathematics education, extensive teaching experience and international exposure she is dedicated to empowering students and fostering love for learning. Her educational philosophy in learning mathematics revolves around fostering a deep understanding, critical thinking, and a growth mindset in students. She believes that learning mathematics should go beyond rote memorization or procedure and focus on developing conceptual understanding. Her ultimate goal is to instil a love for mathematics and nurture lifelong learners who are equipped with strong mathematical and critical thinking skills to be confident to apply mathematics in real world situations.