Encouraging Students To Innovate, Sampoerna Academy Held Steam Expo

Jakarta, 28 August 2017

Drawing from the world’s best curricula and American-based STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) methodologies, Sampoerna Academy by teaching them to become problem solver, creative thinker and innovator.

STEAM Expo is an annual event that created to challenge the students in making new inventions, where they showcased their own projects conceived of all aspects -- from historical art building to scientific creations.

In the future, STEAM related careers are in such high demand that the Federal Government has just extended a provision, allowing foreign students that are earning degrees in STEAM fields a seven month visa extension and allowing them to stay for up to three years of “on the job training.” As several of our students gained international achievements from the inventions they created for STEAM Expo, we believe that STEAM can provide great future for our students.

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