Field Trip Term II: Igniting the Spirit of Excellence and Unity

Jakarta, 28 August 2017

Tangerang, 17 November — Learning social responsibility and leadership goes hand in hand with bonding over fun activities as Sampoerna Academy students gather in Citra Alam Lakeside Camping Ground. In this Term 2 Field Trip, 61 students from Grade 7–8 and 10–11 entered into the spirit of “Developing Unity in Diversity” while working together with friends of differing background to overcome the challenges presented to them.

Their first task is a test of patience and attention to details. After a 101 in pottery by their instructor, students start molding clays with their bare hands. This learning experience is likely the first for most of them, and the prospect of exhibiting their creation at home rouse their creativity.

Next, students are tasked to form a group of 4–5. In the game of Bulldozer, they have to coordinate their movement to tread across the field with a round-shaped tarpaulin. For the Spider Web challenge, a strategy is needed so everyone can pass through. This means lifting the lightest members through the upper holes and reserving the lower ones for the heavier members. The last challenge, Light of Life, demands them to carry a candle across the field to light the opposite team’s torch. This is not too hard, provided they use their body to cover the incoming water splashes.

Having triumphed over the trials, and after changing into clean clothes, everyone gets to enjoy the lunch that we have prepared. Exhaustion fades to glee as students take group pictures and sweet memories home. We are hopeful that the brighter the flames within them, the brighter the future they can bring about for Indonesia as the leaders we envisioned them to be.

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