Indonesian Future Leaders Workshop by School of Volunteer

Jakarta, 28 August 2017

Jakarta, 9 October - School of Volunteer is a program by Indonesian Future Leaders intended to cultivate the spirit of philantrophy, raise social awareness, and improve the capacity of social high school students to initiate the act of giving back to the community.

The program consists of:

- Visitation to senior high schools

- Seminars

- Workshops

- Project executions, and

- Festival.

A total of 32 facilitators and participants from SMA Labschool, Sampoerna Academy, and SMAN 34 Jakarta attended the meeting that took place in Nutrifood Inspiring Center. All participants were tasked to conduct their own social projects.

Two of the big four projects are from Sampoerna Academy, Jakarta, aimed at children who live among scavengers on the outskirts of the city. The group led by Nadira Raffa Hari Ghasani ’18 instructed how to take care of personal hygiene while the group led by Bernadette Inez Amariz ‘18 explained the danger of pedophiles. Both groups involved the children in drama, music, and other art projects.

The program also brought Kitabisa!, Campaign and Indorelawan on board to share tips on fundraising, recruiting volunteers, and publicizing effectively.

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