August 8, 2022

5 Most Effective Saving Tips for Students That Need to Know!


Hey, Guys! It’s been two years since the pandemic began changing our lives. Time flies, right? We hope your online school is going well.

Let us ask you a question. Do you still receive an allowance from your parents? During the online school period, a lot of parents allocate their children’s allowance to purchase and prepare highly nutritious food, snacks, and other equipment needed to support their children’s learning activities. However, there are also parents who think of an allowance as a reward for their children’s efforts and decide to give it to them regularly despite online school from home.

If your mom and dad belong in the second group, good for you. We also know that some of you are even making your own money (You guys are cool!). The question is, do you save your money? If you don’t and would like to start soon, we have five effective saving tips for students during the pandemic.

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  1. Plan your budget.

Making a budget plan is one of the most important things if you want to successfully save your money. In this digital era, there are many applications that can help you work on your budgeting. Most of the apps are easy and convenient to use. What’s more, with the apps, calculating will be the least of your concerns.

One of the most popular budget management apps, which have been downloaded by over 5 million users, is Monefy. Monefy claims itself as a budget manager and expense tracker app. With Monefy, not only you can plan your budget, but you can also record all your expenses.

In the app, your budget and expense are displayed as a pie chart for easier tracking. The features of the app allow you to arrange your budget based on your needs and preferences; for example, 50% for daily needs, 20% for leisure, and 30% for saving. Very easy, right?

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  1. Create a “saving challenge”.

Another effective saving tip for students is to create a savings challenge. A 365-day saving challenge recently became hype on social media. What does it mean? People set a specific amount as a target, and they must save money to reach the target in 365 days. These people must be consistent and follow a table that specifies their daily, weekly, and monthly targets.

You can also use this challenge as your saving method. If you want to save five million rupiahs, for example, you can set to save fifty thousand rupiahs every day. If you’re consistent, your goal will be achieved on time. Remember, in saving, consistency is the key. So, how much are you ready to save?

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  1. Separate “wants’ from “needs”.

Well, if you like browsing online marketplaces, doing number 3 can be challenging. Don’t worry, we get you. Staying at home plus online school means free time. We can easily visit online marketplaces and check out new products during our break time.

Not to mention the current trend: thrifting. We know how you feel. Finding second-hand items in good conditions at affordable prices is very exciting, but it won’t help you stop shopping. To successfully save your money, you must be able to distinguish your “needs” from your “wants”.

Have you ever considered whether an item you purchase is a necessity or simply a craving? What we want isn’t necessarily what we need. Make sure you know what your primary needs are: nutritious food, school equipment, etc.

Once in a while, shopping for what you want is okay. However, you must pay attention to the functions and benefits of the items you want to buy. Ask yourself whether you really need it or just want to fulfill your desire for shopping. Let’s spend money wisely!

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  1. Get creative.

A lot of students spend a big chunk of their money on their social life. This is not surprising as most social activities cost a lot of money. If you want to cut your social life budget and save, you can opt for cheaper ways to spend your spare time without spending an excessive amount of money.

Instead of visiting the hyped ‘hidden gems’ which potentially drain your pocket, go to a park or a botanical garden. It’s healthier and more friendly for your wallet. Also, instead of regularly going to the cinema, which certainly costs you a lot, choose to watch movies on OTTs like Netflix or Disney Plus with your family. It’s safer and allows you to spend more quality time with your family. Isn’t it fun?

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  1. Avoid spending too much money on snacks.

During the pandemic, it’s common for people to order meals and snacks via online apps because they’re bored of home cooking or want to try new food trending on social media. Did you know? Food delivery can be costly and, sometimes, a waste. So, what should you do if you’re craving a specific dish?

Chill, Guys! Instead of buying, you can cook the food you want by following recipes and cooking instructions available on YouTube or other social media. Cooking will help you hone your creativity while reducing your expense. What’s more, it will teach you new skills and give you new knowledge.

Those are the five most effective saving tips for students during this pandemic. Remember, a successful saving relies on consistency and enthusiasm. So, keep it up, Guys!

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