April 25, 2022

Does Reading Make You Smarter?


Books are essential sources of information. They can open your mind and give you insights into many things that are happening in the world. When reading, you’re expanding your knowledge of various subjects—economics, politics, society, culture, slices of life, etc. This activity can also help you develop your intelligence and ensure a brighter future.

You might not realize it, but this activity inspires you. It’s unfortunate that the activity is no longer popular, replaced by other daily activities. Moreover, there are now more practical and accessible media to get information, from television to the internet.

The Benefits of Reading


Reading has a positive impact on our brain and the way it works, so in a way, it does make you smarter. Let’s take a look at some advantages you gain from this activity!

It reduces stress.

Reading can reduce someone’s stress level. According to a survey, this activity can reduce stress levels by up to 68%. This rate is the highest compared to that of other ways to reduce stress, such as listening to music or playing games.

It stimulates your mind.

The brain is an organ that requires regular exercise to stay strong and healthy. Reading can keep our brain active so it can function properly. Some studies even say that this activity doesn’t only stimulate the human mind, but also prevents Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

It expands your knowledge.

This activity is a way to fill your head with new information you didn’t know. Any of the information you gain can be useful for you in the future, because the more you know, the more you’re prepared for the challenges life offers.

It improves your memory.

When you’re reading, your brain doesn’t only process words. It also processes images and remarks that appear when you’re reading. Your brain will then organize the visions and language parts to produce something that is easy to understand and remember.

It expands your vocabulary.

Although you don’t realize it, this activity helps you expand your vocabulary. The more you read, the more words you grasp from any language you’re reading in, and the wider your vocabulary range is, the better and more confident you are at expressing your opinions, especially in public.

It builds your critical thinking skills.

Reading certain genres, such as mystery books, stimulates you to think while you immerse yourself in the world and atmosphere of the story. In no time, you will start guessing and analyzing what will happen next in the plot of the book. This activity improves your analytical and critical thinking abilities.

How to Spark Your Passion for Reading

If you’re just starting, growing your interest in this activity can be difficult. However, worry not. You can try the following ways to start finding yourself a passion for this activity.

Stick to your interests.

Your interests can take any form: hobbies, activities you usually do after school, or topics you browse on social media. Find out first the things that interest you and motivate you to find more information about them, then start with reading materials around those interests.

Explore your imagination.

When you’re finishing a reading material, try not to pause too long between your reading sessions. Why? Because you use your imagination while reading and foster a feeling of curiosity about what’s happening next. This is what will prevent you from getting bored too easily.

Create a reading list.

Make sure you always know what to read by creating a reading list. Whenever you hear about a good book you might like, put it on your list. Consult the list whenever you want to read something.

Set a specific reading time.

Find some time to read a book, because situation and ambience have a big influence on someone’s mood for this activity. If you easily get bored, you can also find this activity materials that aren’t all writing. Find books that have pictures so your eyes don’t get sleepy or tired too quickly when trying to understand the content.

Other Tips to Try

Schedule a reading time that suits your needs and preferences, such as at night before you go to bed.

Whenever you’re reading, choose a comfortable position, such as sitting on an armchair; the distance between your eyes and the book should be about 25-30 cm.

Determine your purpose of this activity—is it to learn or get entertained? Knowing your purpose helps you get optimal results of what you read.

Those are the benefits of this activity and several tips to spark your passion for reading. At Sampoerna Academy, students are encouraged to read. That’s why each Sampoerna Academy campus is completed with a cozy library with a wide range of reading materials. We believe that a smart and successful generation is a generation that gains knowledge from various sources, including by reading. Find out more about Sampoerna Academy here!

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