November 26, 2022

Empowering global citizens through multicultural education

Empowering global citizens through multicultural education at Sampoerna Academy

In today’s rapidly changing and diverse global economy, it is essential to promote diversity and inclusion. Multicultural encompasses a wide range of demographic differences, including but not limited to gender, age, race, religion, physical ability, education, lifestyle, personality, opinions, and socioeconomic status. Inclusion, on the other hand, refers to the sense of belonging and being accepted, respected, valued, and appreciated.

At Sampoerna Academy, we recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion and make it a priority in our approach. We strive to create a multicultural environment that promotes comfort and belonging for children and prepares students for a successful future in a diverse world.

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Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

Research has shown that teams that are diverse and inclusive tend to make better decisions, exhibit greater levels of creativity, and have higher levels of engagement. This is just one of the many benefits that your child can gain from the multicultural environment provided at Sampoerna Academy.

By fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, we’re not only providing a safe and welcoming environment for your child to learn and grow in but also preparing them for a future where they will be able to thrive in a diverse world.

1. The Advantages of a Multicultural Learning Environment

Being exposed to a multicultural environment can have a positive impact on children’s academic performance. Children who learn in such an environment are better equipped to understand and master academic lessons.

They learn how to think critically and solve problems by being exposed to different ideas, thoughts, and perspectives. Additionally, they become more curious, creative, and collaborative as they interact with their diverse peers.

2. Emotional Advantages

Interacting with a diverse and inclusive group of peers can have a positive impact on children’s emotional well-being. They feel valued, respected, and accepted in such an environment. Additionally, a multicultural environment allows children to develop and practice empathy and compassion towards individuals from different backgrounds, races, religions, and cultures.

Children feel safe being themselves as they learn to trust and respect others, ultimately promoting positive emotional growth.

3. Social Advantages

Attending a school that promotes open-mindedness, kindness, and tolerance can have a positive impact on children’s social development. They are able to build trusting and enriching relationships with their peers and teachers from a variety of backgrounds. This promotes the development of effective communication skills as they learn to navigate and connect with a diverse group of people.

As part of a global community, children are able to deepen their ability to trust, respect, and promote the well-being of themselves and those around them.

4. Benefits for the Future

Developing an international mindset through a multicultural education can benefit children as they become the leaders of tomorrow. They learn how to appreciate, communicate, and interact with people from diverse backgrounds, becoming valuable team members and leaders.

Additionally, they develop skills such as eliminating assumptions, viewing issues from multiple perspectives, and merging different viewpoints to negotiate solutions. These skills are essential for children to become responsible and engaged citizens in the future.

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Sampoerna Academy: A Welcoming and Comfortable Environment

At Sampoerna Academy, children feel a sense of belonging. We aim to create a school that reflects the diversity of the world and promotes understanding, appreciation, tolerance, and empathy among students.

1. Diverse Cultural Exposure

At Sampoerna Academy, children are surrounded by a multicultural group of peers and teachers from around the world. They have the opportunity to engage with and learn about different cultures through daily academic and social interactions.

The diverse environment exposes children to different languages, traditions, beliefs, mindsets, customs, and social expectations, helping them to understand and appreciate the differences and similarities among cultures, ultimately fostering a rich cultural understanding.

2. International Education Approach

At Sampoerna Academy, we believe in fostering diversity and inclusion through our curriculum. Our approach is aimed at developing open-minded, lifelong learners. We understand that culture has many layers, as represented by Edward Hall’s Cultural Iceberg model, and our curriculum is designed to explore these layers and engage all students in understanding and valuing diversity.

Our students are encouraged to think critically, solve problems, and collaborate with others, which enables them to thrive in a globalized society.

3. Diverse International Faculty and Staff

At Sampoerna Academy, we have an international faculty and staff from various countries around the world. They are experienced world travelers with degrees from prestigious global institutions.

The diverse cultural perspectives and international heritage of our staff greatly enrich the learning experiences of our students, as it flows through all their daily interactions and teaching.

4. Celebrating Cultural Diversity

At Sampoerna Academy, we believe in celebrating the cultural diversity of our students and community. We host various food, dance, religious, and cultural festivals that bring people of different backgrounds together in harmony.

We celebrate the cultural heritage of your child and expose students to other cultures. These celebrations help to promote appreciation and understanding of diversity, creating an inclusive environment that is valued, comforting and familiar to all.

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At Sampoerna Academy, we prioritize diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our educational approach. Our multicultural environment, international curriculum, diverse international faculty and staff, and cultural celebrations all contribute to the creation of a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere that promotes understanding, empathy, and respect.

We believe that by providing such an environment, we’re not only preparing our students for a successful future but also equipping them with the necessary skills to navigate an increasingly diverse and inclusive world.

We encourage you to consider joining our community and experience the many benefits of a multicultural education at Sampoerna Academy. Schedule a visit to our school. This will give you the opportunity to see our facilities, meet our faculty and staff, and experience firsthand the inclusive and multicultural environment we provide for our students.