October 18, 2017

Google Outreach Asia Pacific Visited Sampoerna Academy

Google Outreach Visited Sampoerna Academy

On Friday August 25 2017, Tomomi Matsuoka, Google Earth Outreach Asia Pacific representative visited Sampoerna Academy Jakarta to research how technology such as Google Maps and Earth can creatively empower students to share their unique stories. Tomomi joined Grade 7A & 7B Social Studies class and she observed how students joined EARTHmazing race, an interactive learning activity which lets the students describe and present their neighborhood surroundings, dream destinations, and Indonesian cultural heritage sites through Google Earth & streetview photos.

During the lesson, the students asked interesting questions to Tomomi-Google Outreach representative such as how Google can capture street view photos on many places on earth and how many satellites Google has to create Google Maps. In the end, the students shared their learning reflection on how mapping tools help people to find direction, review places, and travel around the world with street view photos.


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