October 17, 2023

How Do You Calculate Brain Age?

How Do You Calculate Brain Age?

Brain age is a unique statistic that indicates how healthy and robust our brains are. Scientists use brain age to determine whether our brains grow typically or require special attention. They look at how you think, remember, and learn new things to assess your brain’s age. 

However, if your brain is older than your physical age, it may indicate that you need to eat well, get enough sleep, and exercise to keep your brain young and happy. So, caring for your brain is like showering it affectionately to keep it young and sharp!


What Is A Brain Age Test? 

A Brain Age Test is similar to a brain game! It’s a unique test in which you play various puzzles and games on a computer or a gaming console. These games are intended to test your brain and discover how well it functions. 

The test looks at things like how quickly you think, how well you recall something, and how effectively you solve puzzles. You are given a score when you complete all of the games, exactly as in a video game. If your score is close to your actual age, it indicates your brain is in excellent condition. 

However, if your score is more significant than your actual age, you must practice more to maintain your brain robust and healthy. So, a Brain Age Test is a fun method to determine how smart and fit your brain is!


How Do You Determine Brain Age?

How Do You Determine Brain Age?

Calculating brain age is similar to putting together a jigsaw. It entails estimating how well a person’s brain functions using sophisticated computer programs and data from brain scans or cognitive tests. The exact procedure varies, but here’s a basic explanation:

1. Data Collection

Researchers collect a wide range of information about a person’s brain to calculate brain age. This comprises MRI scans to estimate the size of different brain regions, data from cognitive tests to assess memory and thinking skills, and recording the person’s actual age.

2. Comparison 

With this data in hand, researchers compare it to an extensive database of information from many people of various ages. This comparison assists children in understanding what is deemed typical for different age groups regarding brain development and function. For example, they may discover that particular brain regions decrease slightly with age or that reaction times slow.

3. Estimation

Researchers assess how closely a person’s brain fits what’s typical for their age group using complex mathematical approaches and computer algorithms. If a person’s brain looks less healthy or efficient compared to other people of the same age in the database, the person may be considered to have an “older” brain age. In contrast, if their brain appears to be operating better than predicted for their period, they may have a “younger” brain age.

It is critical to recognize that while brain age estimations might provide helpful information, they are still a simplification of a complex reality. Because brain health is determined by heredity, lifestyle, and overall health, these computations provide a broad estimate rather than a definitive measure of brain function.


Does brain age help?

Brain age is a valuable tool since it’s like having a special friend concerned about your brain’s health. This simple test is analogous to a traffic signal for your brain. If your brain age equals your actual age, it’s like getting the green light, indicating that your brain is in excellent condition.

However, if it indicates that your brain is getting older, it is similar to the yellow light, meaning you should give your brain some additional love and attention. It’s not something to be afraid of; instead, it’s like having a personal brain coach. This coach teaches you how to maintain your brain strong and healthy by engaging in enjoyable activities such as reading, playing games, and learning new things. 

Consider brain age a score in a life game, where you want to obtain a high score by doing activities that make your brain happy. It’s a fantastic approach to inspire you to make decisions that will prepare your brain for all the great adventures that await you!


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