May 21, 2018

SA Medan ELC Mentors in ANPS Early Childhood Conference 2018

Involvement and Participation of SA –Medan ELC Mentors in ANPS Early Childhood Conference 2018

It was marked 28th April when the ANPS conference themed “Health, Safety, and Well-Being in Early Childhood Education was organized and took place in ACS, Jakarta.

Basically the main objective of this annual conference is to provide practical, hands-on and immediate strategies that teachers can immediately use across all grade levels and subjects.

Since we are a member school and we aim to further our teaching methods and strategies we sent two of our teachers named Ms Marie Rachelle, a PG2 mentor and Ms. Divina O. Pandy, a K2 mentor.

It was with great pride that the latter mentor was chosen to be a presenter of her own choice topic titled “The Five Core Emotional Needs of Children”.

Generally, both teachers brought the knowledge on these matters “Fun with Hydrophonics and Grit: Why and How to Start it Early which will be eventually shared/echoed with their peers during our Professional Development Program.

This said PD program is designed and implemented couple of times in a school year with the ultimate objective of updating and enhancing the teaching skills of our teachers.


Short information about ANPS Organization

The ANPS – Betaraf Internasional (ANPS – BI) is a non-profit organization of the whole Indonesian schools that was founded with the aims of promoting and developing education in Indonesia; providing professional development opportunities for teachers and staff and providing a forum in which practitioners and leaders could discuss common educational issues.


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