July 20, 2020

Teacher Synergy, Parents & Students in Virtual Schooling

Virtual Schooling
  • Reaching 90% of Virtual Schooling Participation Ratio through STEAM method that has to be applied during Virtual Schooling
  • Collaborating with Gisella Anastasia to improve parents’ awareness of the importance of collaboration between parents, teachers, and students

Jakarta, 20 May 2020 – This year’s National Education Day and the flag hoisting ceremony were different from previous ones. For the first time, the National Education Day took place along with the ongoing learning process at home through Virtual Schooling since the last two months. The phenomenon encouraged new awareness of various challenges that teachers are facing among parents in learning and teaching activities so that students can learn well. The theme of “Learning from Covid-19” initiated by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture at the National Education Day is also a moment of shared learning that the success of a child in learning is not only the task of teachers at school, but also requires the collaboration of parents and children.

Teacher, Child and Parents Synergy

To support this, Sampoerna Academy as a pioneering school of STEAM methods in Indonesia emphasizes the importance of teacher, child synergy and the role of parents in finding children’s learning styles to optimize their success. Through its Virtual Media Gathering, Sampoerna Academy announced its collaboration with Gisella Anastasia, to increase awareness of more parents in Indonesia of the importance of parent collaboration with schools through teachers to present interesting teaching and learning activities for elementary-school-aged children. This is mainly because during the pandemic, the teaching and learning process was carried out virtually at home (virtual schooling). Through digital content created with Gisel and her daughter Gempi, Sampoerna Academy wants to invite more parents to get to know the child’s learning style so that daily teaching and learning activities can be done more effectively.

Dr. Mustafa Guvercin as School Director of Sampoerna Academy said, “We believe every child is unique and requires a different approach from one another. We are always committed so that each child gets the optimal teaching. For this reason, we would like to invite more parents to understand the importance of this synergy so that they can actively participate, especially in the virtual schooling era. This is our effort from the school to continue to deliver effective teaching and learning activities, because so far our virtual schooling activities have shown positive results through a high level of student attendance of 90%. “

STEAM Method During Virtual

The application of the STEAM method that continues to be implemented during virtual schooling by Sampoerna Academy showed positive results. During around two months of virtual schooling, the attendance rate of students was effectively maintained as indicated by the percentage of attendance rate of 88.87%. In addition, the students continued to be actively involved through various assignments given, as shown by the task completion rate of 99.3%. Overall teaching and learning activities are also considered effective by parents; 97% of parents are satisfied with their children’s teaching and learning activities. The level of approval of learning from parents also reached 81%.

Jovita Ferlina as a Psychologist said, “There are many learning styles for children, ranging from auditory, visual, to kinesthetic learning styles. Children who have kinesthetic learning styles will prefer active learning activities, moving, through a game, in contrast to the learning styles of auditory children who prefer calmness. By understanding the specific learning styles of the child, it will be easier for us to support them accepting and capturing lessons. Especially in the era of virtual schooling, where parents become a companion and bridge between teachers and students during the teaching period. ” Furthermore, Jovita explained how parents to find children’s learning styles, “Often spending time with children can indirectly understand the child’s learning style. In addition, there is a need to ask about difficulties encountered and also needs to communicate between parents and teachers, as educators who teach children daily. “

Gisella Anastasia, a public figure and parents of Sampoerna Academy students, welcomed the collaborative initiative of Sampoerna Academy, “This virtual schooling period really made me realize that I needed to get to know Gempi’s learning style. During this time the development of Gempi in schools has been very good which certainly cannot be separated from the role of the teachers at Sampoerna Academy who apply the STEAM method and Project Based Learning. And by knowing Gempi’s learning style that prefers learning activities related to art and sensorial I can support teaching and learning activities that are currently carried out through virtual schooling. Learning activities become more fun for children and remain effective with my active role as a parent in being able to collaborate with teachers. “

“Through the current pandemic and coinciding with the commemoration of National Education Day, we hope that the synergy between parents, teachers and children will continue to become The New Normal to be able to continue to present more effective teaching and learning activities, so as to produce successful children, both in terms of academic matters and character building. ” ended Dr. Mustafa.

Sampoerna Academy is an intercultural school that offers holistic education from preschool to high school with a tailored international curriculum approach at every level (IEYC, Cambridge and IBDP) supported by STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) learning methods. Through this learning method, each student not only gets academic knowledge but also formed Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Character to prepare them to become a generation that is ready to compete in the future.