July 20, 2020

7 SA Students Win Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

Sampoerna Academy Wins Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards through 7 of Its Students

This prestigious award is specifically awarded by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) to students achieving grades above the average.

Jakarta, February 26, 2020 – Sampoerna Academy won a global achievement in which as many as seven students took home the “Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards”. Three students won the “Top in World” award, while 2 other students received the “Top in Country” award, 1 student received the “Top in Indonesia” award, and 1 student received the “High Achievement” award, which is the most prestigious award given by Cambridge. Related to this, the seven Sampoerna Academy Medan students attended the presentation of the international award “Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards” from Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International) in Jakarta.

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

Furthermore, this award applies a very strict selection process and only students achieving grades above the average can get it. Our students Carys Yap, Lindsey Venecia Lee, Celine, Ivanka Chia Min Ling, and Steven Gill received awards in English Mathematics, Accounting and Literature in the Cambridge examination in June 2019. While Sheryn Lim and Howard Tangkulung were awarded the “Outstanding Cambridge Learner” Awards ” for Mathematics and Accounting in the Cambridge examination in November 2019.

Sampoerna Academy continues to support the improvement of the quality of education in Indonesia. This commitment is realized with the presence of a holistic education system that has brought great results through the awards received by our seven students. As a leading intercultural school in Indonesia supported by a customized curriculum at every level of education from preschool to high school (IEYC, Cambridge, IBDP), Sampoerna Academy encourages students to study subjects through the integration of five STEAM perspectives, namely Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. With a customized curriculum and STEAM learning methods, it is expected to be able to encourage Sampoerna Academy students to develop 5C skills (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Character).

Hugo Liz De Castro, Principal, Sampoerna Academy Medan, explained, “This is the fifth time for Sampoerna Academy Medan students to receive the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards. This success is a tangible proof of our commitment through the STEAM learning method that we always apply in every subject, supported by experienced and certified local and foreign teaching staff and qualified facilities. This award cannot be separated from the persistence of students’ learning and support from parents of students. ” said Hugo.

The “Top in World” category is one of the most prestigious award categories, because it is only given to students who get the highest score in one subject among other students from all over the world. This year, Sampoerna Academy successfully received three awards for the “Top in World” category in Mathematics, an award that has complied with a qualification audit and ISO 9001 Institute UK certification. Then two other students received awards in the “Top in Country” category, one student received an award in the “Top in Indonesia” category, and one in the “High Achievement” category.

In delivering the award, Ben Schmidt, Regional Director of Southeast Asia and Pacific, Cambridge Assessment International Education, also said “Congratulations on the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards won by Sampoerna Academy through its 7 students.”

“We hope that this award will not only be a motivation that encourages students for their achievements, but also for educators who continue to apply education with a tailored curriculum at every level of education from preschool to high school by integrating the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics that aims to help Sampoerna Academy’s students become individuals who are ready to make a difference for the future. ” concluded Hugo.