March 31, 2019

The Celebration of Sampoerna Academy Surabaya

The Celebration of Sampoerna Academy Surabaya

Sharing moment from Gisella and Gempi

Surabaya, 31 March 2019 – Sampoerna Academy, which is known for the proven education helps Indonesian children to be excellent individuals, to hold a celebration at the campus building in Surabaya. The campus is the sixth built in Indonesia. With other locations in  Jakarta, Medan, BSD, and Sentul, the Surabaya campus will start from Playgroup level to Elementary School.

Since the groundbreaking on October 17th, 2018 to date, we have built a two-story building on Sampoerna Academy Surabaya campus. The first day of school in the academic year of 2019-2020 in the upcoming July will be realized on schedule. Considering the enthusiasm of people in Surabaya about the international school presence and their willingness to be able to speak with someone that has sent her child to the school, Sampoerna Academy invites celebrity Gisella Anastasia who is the mother of Gempita Nora Marten at the sharing session.

Cambridge Curriculum Combines STEAM

Dr. Mustafa Guvercin, Director of Sampoerna Academy, confirmed that “Sampoerna Academy offers Cambridge Curriculum with the 21st century and combines STEAM method specially designed to develop children thinking ways. STEAM is a combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics which is strengthened by four components (4Cs) namely: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration. These skills encourage students to solve existing problems and encourage them to be innovators in the future,” adds Dr. Mustafa.

The education system of Sampoerna Academy proves that its students have competencies of critical thinking, problem solving, and communicating what they have learned. In addition to that global mindedness also needs communication skills in different languages from the mother tongue. That is why students of Sampoerna Academy speak English as the instructional language and uses Mandarin Chinese and Indonesian in the relevant classes.

Gisella Anastasia explains,”Gempi develops into a confident, critically thinking child with proper and clear communication skills, and also shows empathy towards people around her. She also gets better at using English in everyday communication. This is closely related with the ways Sampoerna Academy teaches its students.”

Sampoerna Academy with its complete pathways from playgroup to high school is the proof of the international education system with local values (Indonesian cultural values) that guarantee its students’ competence to respond the future challenges. “The final objective is to prepare our students academically, socially, and emotionally to be able to further their education to the higher education, and to educate them to be entrepreneurs and/ or professionals that our country needs. We are excited to be here, and together, we can shape the better future for Indonesian children in Surabaya,” concluded Dr. Mustafa. (*/)