March 20, 2019

The New Looks of Sampoerna Academy Medan – Cipto Campus

The New Looks of Sampoerna Academy Medan - Cipto Campus

Sampoerna Academy Medan is committed to providing an improved learning environment and playground to support its young learners.

Medan, 20 March 2019 – “Sampoerna Academy Medan strives to offer a quality education in a supportive learning environment for teaching and learning.” These beautiful words are at the heart of Sampoerna Academy and today we celebrate those words with the renovation of the Jalan Cipto, Medan Campus. This campus nestled in a vibrant community in Medan offers classes for children from the level of Playgroup to Kindergarten ages fifteen months through five years old. Come learn and play with us.

Sampoerna Academy Medan began the renovation of the Cipto campus on December 15, 2018 and completed the renovation and move in on March 4, 2019. The renovation aim was to provide not only a fresh look but also create a more comfortable atmosphere where children and teachers can develop a strong community of learning. This renovation enhances a place of learning and will allow students to learn, grow, thrive and achieve greatness.

The facutly at Sampoerna Academy believe the new look of the school will have a positive impact on the overall happiness, enthusiasm and motivation of student leading toward higher academic growth and achievement. Upon seeing the new look one child stated, “it’s nice and pretty! Everything is colourful.” Dr. Mustafa Guvercin, Sampoerna Academy Director, stated, “We understand the importance of school, supporting facilities, physical appearances and their safety and convenience for our young learners. Because at their age, they absorb a lot of stimuli they receive through their five senses as part of the experience of learning. So of course, we want to provide the best learning experience during that golden age. With the new and fresh appearances of the school, students be more motivated while learning and see their school as a source of inspiration.”

Reintroduce the Cipto Campus

As a way to  reintroduce the Cipto campus, Sampoerna Academy Medan is inviting parents who have children the age of Playgroup through Kindergarten to join us in a, “talk show discussion,” about computational thinking and learning. We have decided to highight this subject because of the importance of computational thinking as a foundational process.  As part of our talk show we have invited Educator and Psychologist Ms. Dian Wisnuwardhani to join us. Ms Dian stated, “Computational thinking is a type of skill required to make sense the future of technology. This is a thinking process, not mere knowledge about a gadget or language. It is especially true for young learners beginning in a tender age.”

Sampoerna Academy also understands that every child with computational skills will have more doors opening for career opportunities. Having the chance to enter not only one but multiple industries such as business, education, technology, finance, retail and health.

We are also inviting Ms. Anantya, Co-Managing Director of GirlTech Indonesia, she stated, “Teaching computational thinking gives children a competitive edge to succeed, because children are now learning by accessing and making sense of the digital world. To understand the digital world is a basic and essential skill for them.” Anantya understands that Sampoerna Academy Medan is up to the task of responding to the challenges our youth will face in the digital world.

The fact that Sampoerna Academy, has developed a strategic educational pathway from playgroup to high school, is the proof that an international education system combined with local (Indonesian) values guarantees a bright future for  our students.

Dr. Mustafa sums it up this way, “Our main objective is to prepare students academically, socially, and emotionally so that they will continue their educational success at the highest level, and to prepare them to be entrepreneurs and professionals that our country needs. We are positive that Sampoerna Academy Medan with its new appearance will provide the solid foundation that will inspire and motivate our young learners to be ready to live their life long dreams well after graduation from Kindergarten.” (*/)