October 13, 2023

Why Is Green Chemistry Important in Sustainable Development?

Why Is Green Chemistry Important in Sustainable Development?

Green chemistry is a superhero for the environment! It is a method of conducting research and creating products that do not harm the environment.

Assume you’re baking a cake. Normally, a lot of sugar is used, which isn’t very healthy. Green chemistry, on the other hand, tries to use better and healthier ingredients.

So, in research and manufacturing, green chemistry involves using environmentally friendly substances and methods. It all comes down to manufacturing things without generating a huge mess or damaging the air, water, or soil.

Green chemistry, like a superhero, helps save the day by making things that are cleaner and safer. It’s like being a good planet friend!


Principles of Green Chemistry

Green chemistry principles are a set of standards and ideas that enable scientists and engineers to build goods and processes that are better for the environment and human health. These ideas were created to mitigate the detrimental environmental impact of classical chemistry. The following are the 12 key principles of green chemistry:

1. Atom Economy 

Try to use as many atoms as feasible in a molecule to reduce waste.

2. Prevention 

It is preferable to avoid waste and pollution in the first place rather than dealing with them after they have occurred.

3. Creating Less hazardous Chemicals

Develop chemicals and products that are less hazardous and safer for humans and the environment.

4. Less Hazardous Chemical Syntheses 

Use safer procedures that yield fewer toxic byproducts.

5. Safer Solvents and Auxiliaries

Use less hazardous and more ecologically friendly solvents (liquids used to dissolve other chemicals).

6. Design for Energy Efficiency 

Create chemical processes that require less energy and are therefore better for the environment.

7. Use Renewable Feedstocks

Instead of fossil fuels, use raw materials derived from renewable sources such as plants.

8. Reduce Derivatives

Avoid employing extra stages and chemicals in the production process that are unneeded.

9. Catalysis

Make processes more efficient by using catalysts (substances that speed up chemical reactions).

10. Design for Degradation

Create items that degrade into harmless compounds when no longer required.

11. Real-time Pollution Prevention Analysis 

Chemical processes should be monitored to prevent contamination before it occurs.

12. Chemistry that is inherently safer for accident prevention 

Create chemicals and methods that are less likely to cause harm to humans or the environment.

These principles guide scientists and engineers in developing cleaner, safer, and more sustainable methods of producing the items we use every day, all while minimizing harm to the environment and all living things.


What are some examples of green chemistry?

What are some examples of green chemistry?


Green chemistry is a type of science that helps to conserve our planet. One way it works its magic is by developing items we use everyday that are beneficial for the environment. Instead of utilizing harsh chemicals to clean, we can use vinegar and baking soda, which are both harmless and non-harmful to the environment. 

Green chemistry is also used by scientists to create plastic from plants, such as corn, which is considerably better for the environment than plastic made from oil. They even employ the power of the sun and wind to generate electricity, which does not pollute our environment like other methods of energy generation. 


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