July 18, 2018

Proof We Raise Math Champions: 24 Medals from WMI 2018 in Seoul

Proof We Raise Math Champions: 24 Medals from WMI 2018 in Seoul, South Korea

Students from our Medan and Jakarta campuses triumphed in the grand finals of World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) 2018, bringing 1 gold, 3 silver, and 20 bronze medals home, in addition to 17 merit prizes. This year, more than 2,000 students from various countries competed in the finals of WMI 2018 that held on 14 July in Seoul, South Korea.


Gold Medal Winner

  • Elvaro Nicholas Kosatria (Grade 8, SA Medan)

Silver Medal Winners

  • Edbert Tjia (Kelas 3, SA Medan)
  • Jayden Lee Jeishen (Kelas 2, SA Medan)
  • William Sami Yohanes Sianipar (Kelas 1, SA Medan)

Bronze Medal Winners

  • Albertchinno Liguori Erling (Kelas 4, SA Jakarta)
  • Alexandr Sachio Dihyan (Kelas 1, SA Medan)
  • Alfredo Angkasa (Kelas 5, SA Medan)
  • Alynski Toby Pranoto (Kelas 3, SA Medan)
  • Christo Kinarta Purba (Kelas 7, SA Medan)
  • Colbert So (Kelas 1, SA Medan)
  • Darren Hayworth Musalim (Kelas 3, SA Medan)
  • Edbert Felix Lim (Kelas 8, SA Medan)
  • Howard Tangkulung (Kelas 10, SA Medan)
  • Jayven Lee Jeishen (Kelas 4, SA Medan)
  • Joscelyn Angel Chiu (Kelas 8, SA Medan)
  • Madeleine Suwita (Kelas 4, SA Medan)
  • Michael Felix Lim (Kelas 6, SA Medan)
  • Nicholas Bryan Wong (Kelas 4, SA Medan)
  • Richelle Erica Luhur (Kelas 3, SA Medan)
  • Richelle Setiokusumo (Kelas 4, SA Medan)
  • Sharapova Sachio Teo (Kelas 6, SA Medan)
  • Tristan Nathaniel Basri (Kelas 5, SA Medan)
  • Valerie Jane Virgo (Kelas 1, SA Medan)
  • Vito Benedict Halim (Kelas 6, SA Medan)

Merit Prize Winners

  • Aileen Christie Kusliawan (Kelas 8, SA Medan)
  • Amaezra Akbar Aldjufrie (Kelas 2, SA Jakarta)
  • Axel Mahadriyana Ukar (Kelas 9, SA Jakarta)
  • Calista Audrey Rusli (Kelas 1, SA Medan)
  • Edward Kurniawan (Kelas 4, SA Medan)
  • Fedrick Fernando Simarmata (Kelas 7, SA Medan)
  • Freyaglyn Yen (Kelas 2, SA Medan)
  • Giselle Titania Antonius (Kelas 8, SA Medan)
  • Ihza Lisiano Al Qushai (Kelas 11, SA Medan)
  • Ivanka Chia Min Ling (Kelas 8, SA Medan)
  • Jesslyn Ashley Ruswan (Kelas 6, SA Medan)
  • Jovan Nicholas Ruswan (Kelas 4, SA Medan)
  • Louis Martin (Kelas 11, SU)
  • Marvel Star Lui (Kelas 4, SA Medan)
  • Nathan Lie (Kelas 2, SA Medan)
  • Raphael Aidan Kusliawan (Kelas 4, SA Medan)
  • Wynston Toby Pranoto (Kelas 7, SA Medan)

To receive an invitation to the finals of this prestigious math competition, these students had to pass the preliminary round. In Indonesia, the preliminary held earlier this year on February and involved 2,800 students from various schools.

In a previous article, we listed the name of our 59 students who qualified for WMI 2018 finals. To all students who participated in this year’s WMI, we are proud of your dedication and hard work! We also thank all parents for encouraging and supporting their children throughout the competition. Without your efforts, these results would not be possible!

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About World Mathematics Invitational

World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) gathers institutes and organizations worldwide that make efforts in promoting and popularizing mathematics. Held in different countries every year, the WMI organization provides math-gifted students with an opportunity to participate in an international competition. To learn more about WMI, visit wminv.org.

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