October 25, 2018

SA Prepare Your Children’s Future in the Technology Era

Sampoena Academy Sentul City

To provide an access to quality international education for people in Bogor and the surrounding areas, Sampoerna Academy officially opened its new school location in Sentul Alaya, Sentul City, Bogor, West Java on October 25, 2018. This is the fourth location of the academy in Indonesia after Jakarta, BSD, and Medan.

The event was joined by several key figures such as Director of Sampoerna Academy Dr. Mustafa Guvercin, Technology Coordinator of Sampoerna Academy Manoharan G. Karthigasu, Chief Growth Officer of Ayopop Achmad Alkatiri, and child psychologist Ajeng Raviando.

STEAM Teaching Methodology

“As the parents’ demand of quality educational institutions in Bogor is increasing, Sampoerna Academy decides to open a new location in Sentul Alaya. Like other locations of our school, Sampoerna Academy Sentul applies the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) teaching methodology in which technology  is one of the main focuses,” stated Dr. Guvercin, in his opening remarks before the invitees of the launch ceremony.

Government’s General Policy and Views

He further stated that the steps Sampoerna Academy has taken are in line with the government’s general policy and views. “The president of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo has often mentioned the urgency for Indonesia to take advantage of technological advancement to boost economic growth and enhance quality of its people’s life,” added he.

From the point of view of technology-based industry players, Alkatiri emphasized the importance of technological skills for the future generation. “My job at a tech-based company really needs continuous development. I consistently need to broaden my knowledge of trends and latest technology. This is why we must prepare our children well to face future challenges by equipping them with innovation and technology skills,” the experienced young tech businessman generously shared his tips.They need more than knowledge and have to know how to deal with challenges and to apply what they have learned at school, he further explained.

However, it does not mean our children will be nerds who find it hard to get along with human beings around them. At Sampoerna Academy, technology is used in learning processes if deemed necessary, said Mr. Karthigasu. “So children are encouraged to use gadgets if needed. Other than that, we let them play and experience life as it is,” he explained. This way, children can develop into a well-rounded, balanced human beings. They become smart people with communication and social skills.(*/)