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Sampoerna Academy

Middle School Curriculum effectively prepares students

Through a rigorous and engaging STEAM curriculum. Sampoerna Academy’s Middle School Curriculum effectively prepares students for the Cambridge IGCSE Subject Exams Grade 9 and 10 and the Ujian Nasional Grade 9 Exam.

While English and Math are mandatory, students will select subjects for study, which include but not limited to Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Economics, Enterprise, Global Perspectives, Social Studies, and Arts.

Sampoerna Academy Middle School Grade

Sampoerna Academy Middle School Grade


Our Middle School Unique Approach to Learning and Development

    • Learning extends beyond the classroom as students are given the opportunity to engage and master content on their own time, and utilize valuable classroom time for deeper inquiry, problem-solving and group activities.
    • This self-regulated teaching and learning approach provides students who are struggling with content, additional resources and time to master the content.
    • Computational thinking is an important skill that can be learned at various ages and be applied in many different fields.
    • In Sampoerna Academy we educate our students in these skills through various initiatives;  STEAM Projects, and Technology Curricula.
    • The participation in social service projects instills civic literacy and develops global awareness in students.
    • Students engage in research-based learning as they explore the causes and solutions to acute social problems and present their findings using digital multimedia.


Facilities at Middle School Sampoerna Academy

The Sampoerna Academy houses outstanding facilities, including the technology-integrated classrooms that are purpose-built to support our personalized and STEAM- based learning methods.

All of our schools provide play areas and exercise space; some have access to larger playing fields and swimming pools through rental agreements.

MIddle School Placements are Available at:


L’ Avenue Campus
Jln. Raya Pasar Minggu, Pancoran, Jakarta
(021) 5022 22 34


Tangerang Campus Jln. Raya Serpong BSD CBD Lot II-2 Lengkong Gudang, Serpong Tangerang Selatan (021) 5022 22 34


Sentul Campus Sentul City Cijayanti, Babakan Madang Bogor, Jawa Barat (021) 5022 22 34


Pakuwon Campus Jln. Lontar Pakuwon Indah, Surabaya 0858 5917 6832


Cipto Campus Jln. Dr. Cipto No. 6 Medan Polonia (061) 455 06 06 0811 6066 611

Sampoerna Academy Head Office

Our office is open:
Mon to Fri from 7am to 4pm


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