March 6, 2024

Sampoerna Academy Stands Out with “The Descendant of The Dragon” Lunar New Year Celebration

Sampoerna Academy recently hosted a spectacular Lunar New Year event, vibrantly themed “The Descendant of The Dragon” held on 7 February 2024 at Sampoerna Academy Medan Citra, the event captivated attendees and celebrated Sampoerna Academy’s multicultural community. It was a massive success, drawing attention to the school’s commitment to cultural diversity and global education.


During the event, attendees were treated to various cultural experiences that highlighted the significance of the Lunar New Year celebration, from captivating performances to exhibitions. 

The event served as a platform for students to showcase their talents, creativity, and cultural pride as well as provided a valuable opportunity for students to learn about the customs, traditions, and symbolism associated with the festivities.


However, it didn’t stop there. As a significant milestone in the school’s journey, the occasion marked Sampoerna Academy’s dedication to fostering cultural respect and appreciation as well as nurturing a global mindset among students, two things that we have embodied in everything we do since the beginning, including our trilingual learning approach.


The celebration also welcomed the distinguished VIPs and consulate representatives who honored us with their presence. Their presence added prestige and significance to the occasion, underscoring the importance of cultural exchange and cooperation on a global scale. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to:


  • Consul General Shubham Singh, of The Consulate General of India
  • Principal Officer Bernard Uadan, of The US Consulate
  • Consul Yap Wee Ping, of The Singapore Consulate General
  • Honorary Consul Daniel Darmadi, of The Federal Republic of Germany Consulate
  • FSCO Mehmet Pinarbasi, of The UN Department of Safety and Security



The Lunar New Year event at Sampoerna Academy Medan Citra was a resounding success, thanks to the unwavering support and dedication of everyone involved. It was a testament to the collaborative efforts of the entire school community, including students, teachers, staff, and parents who worked tirelessly to ensure the event went well. As we look towards the future, we remain committed to providing students with transformative educational experiences that empower them to thrive in an ever-changing world.