June 2, 2022

7 Websites to Download Free Worksheets for Kindergarten Students

worksheets for kindergarten

In the digital era, online learning is a very common thing. However, the ongoing pandemic has provided them with a new challenge. Their children, who used to study and play at school with their classmates every day, are now forced to do everything at home, for example create something creative such as drawing from worksheets for kindergarten.

If you’re a parent with children in kindergarten, the challenge is nothing new. To make sure your children don’t easily get tired and feel bored when studying at home, you need to constantly innovate and create an exciting learning process.

But don’t worry! In this article, we’re going to recommend several websites where you can access free worksheets for Kindergarten students. Here are the seven websites you can go to.

  1. GreatSchools (greatschools.org)

The website offers more than 400 worksheets that can be printed and completed by your children. There are various printable worksheets for Kindergarten andalso Grade 1-5 students—from coloring to alphabet learning to basic counting—which can help you boost your children’s creativity and critical thinking. What’s more, this website can be accessed for free without any specific terms and conditions. Interesting, right?

  1. Worksheetfun (worksheetfun.com)

Worksheetfun provides thousands of printable worksheets you can download for free. There are various worksheet and activity types offered: math, reading, writing, grammar, etc. The website offers worksheets not only for Kindergarten students but also for preschool and home-schooled students. Very inspiring, right?

  1. Education (education.com)

On this website, you can find thousands of worksheets that can be printed and completed by your children. There are various printable worksheets for Kindergarten, Preschool, and Grade 1-8 students. What’s more, the website is very easy to navigate; you can sort the worksheets according to subjects, topics, or levels and choose the ones that suit your needs. Very convenient!

  1. K5 Learning (k5learning.com)

K5 Learning was established in 2011 and has since been providing various learning tools for K-5 students. This website has been visited by millions of parents, teachers, and tutors; the materials on the website have been downloaded many times. K5 Learning provides free downloadable worksheets for Kindergarten students under various categories: colors, alphabets, sounds and phonics, words and vocabulary, reading, writing, math, numbers and counting, science, and many more.

  1. Kindergarten Worksheets (kindergartenworksheets.net)

Kindergarten Worksheets focus on providing many great yet free educational resources for teachers and students. The free worksheets for Kindergarten students were designed according to the standard of the kindergarten curriculum. During the pandemic, teachers and parents will greatly benefit from the free printable worksheets offered on Kindergarten Worksheets website.

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  1. iSLCollective (islcollective.com)

worksheets for kindergarten

iSLCollective is a community of language teachers from around the world. iSLCollective currently facilitates English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian teachers Each member of the community uses the platform to share the worksheets they have created so the materials can be used by other teachers, parents, and everyone who needs them for free. The worksheets can be used for the purpose of school activities or private lessons. The files downloaded from the platform are typically in Word or PowerPoint format.

  1. Kids Academy (kidsacademy.mobi)

Kids Academy was formed by a group of parents who had the same view on children’s learning. Kids Academy was inspired by the idea that children are curious and have their own way of learning. A parent’s most important task is to spark their children’s curiosity and support their endless desire to discover new things. Therefore, Kids Academy created various games that allow children to be children—creative, imaginative, and playful.

The Importance of Good Early Childhood Education

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, early childhood education that is based on a strong foundation will ensure children’s quality and future success. It’s also important to help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills from an early age and build an understanding of who they are in society.

Those are 7 websites that offer free worksheets for Kindergarten students to help you support your children in their learning by playing. Learn more about the Preschool and Kindergarten education programs at Sampoerna Academy here.

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